Get Ready to Launch: Labelling, Claims, and Shelf Life with Mel Loades

About the event

You have a prototype product ready to scale, and plans for where to sell – but what do you need to do to ensure your product is ready for commercialising? What do you need to test for? And what information do you need on file ready for EHO checks, retailers and more?

This workshop will cover the product information and documentation that you need to prepare for launch.

Participants will leave with:

  • A due diligence folder checklist
  • An understanding of the information required on a product label, and claims that can be made
  • Information of shelf-life testing needed and how to demonstrate and label shelf life of products

This workshop will be hosted by Mel Loades. She runs Froghop Ltd, a food and drink product development company based in Woking, Surrey. Mel started Froghop 12 years ago, has 29 years’ experience in the food industry and has worked with 100’s of companies and products to take these from concept to launch.

Mel and the team at Froghop offer support to companies from start-ups to large multinationals developing products and the information and testing needed to support these. She offers regular webinars, bespoke training sessions and support for both the practical elements of developing a product and the documents needed to go with these.

Hosted by:
Mel Loades