Tomorrow's Table: Future of Fish

About the event

Fish and seafood form the foundation of global food systems, diverse ecosystems and cuisines central to cultural identity.

For centuries our oceans and waterways have fed billions of us, seemingly effortlessly. But today we face a global challenge to reimagine and rebuild our aquatic industries, to respond to the human and environmental challenges of the coming century.

Changing diets, food preferences and rising awareness of nutritional and environmental concerns are reshaping the market, creating possibilities for aquatic animals and plants to take centre stage on our plates and supermarket shelves. Innovations in aquaculture, the commercialisation of novel ingredients and the development of seafood alternatives, all promise huge rewards to those who dare to dream big.

Join us for a full-day symposium of seminars, discussions, workshops and outstanding eating will bring together more than 100 CEOs, industry leaders, founders, chefs and innovators to discover, debate and taste the coming seafood revolution.

A taste of what's to come...


Fish Remade: Meet the product pioneers designing high tech alternative fish and seafood products to replace our favourite fish using cutting-edge technologies from fermentation, to plant based solutions, to cellular innovations.

From Water to Table: Hear from trailblazing producers and suppliers and learn how sourcing and production can transform the sustainability and provenance of seafood products. We'll be learning from the industry heroes creating a truly sustainable and regenerative sector for farmed fish and seafood, plus suppliers transforming the supply chain of wild caught fish with radical as well as practical approaches to sustainability.

Selling Ocean Foods: A deep dive into the new seafood and ocean-based products made possible by changing diets, globalisation of food culture, and consumer demands for the best quality produce. Hear from the pioneers creating new product categories showcasing the best of the ocean bounty and how they have found success carving out their niche.

Fishing Traditions: In an industry historically dominated by men, this all female panel celebrates the work of women working in the fish industry. From fisherwomen, to fishmongers, to top seafood chefs, we will be asking the panel how the sector can expand to nurture more talent.


The Art of Sushi: Learn from a sushi expert the techniques and traditions behind the delectable combination of fresh fish, rice and seaweed, and discover the umami flavours from heritage Japanese ingredients such as kombu and bonito.

Making Fish Fashionable: The gap between what’s desirable and undesirable in seafood is huge. Some delicacies fetch eye-watering prices, whilst other species are designated as pet food. Explore the culinary possibilities of the most sustainable, yet hugely unrepresented species of fish and seafood at this interactive session.


Future Fish & Chips

Seaplant Snack Bar

Ocean Current Banquet

Speakers & Chefs:

  • Emma Potnek | Executive Director at Fishing into the Future
  • James Fox-Davies | Founder of 360 Aquaculture
  • Sarah Holmyard | Head of Sales & Marketing at Offshore Shellfish | The Kingfish Company
  • Georgia Worrall | Head of SEA Alliance
  • Katrina Ryan | Director of Mindfully Wired
  • Frankie Fox | Co-Founder of Food Squared Plant-based Shrimp
  • Zach Austin | CEO & Co-Founder of Pacifico Biolabs
  • Charlotte Dawe | Co-Founder of Sea Sisters
  • Nicole Powell | Founder of Bella Jamaica Sea Moss
  • Michael Stedman | Chairman of Koralo Foods
  • Andy Allen | Food & Drink Consultant | Entrepreneur in Residence at Bidfood
  • Ashley Mullenger | 1st Female recipient Fisherman of the Year Award Winner & Author
  • Elaine Lorys | UK's 1st Master Female Fishmonger
  • Emily Chia | Former Head Chef at Sargasso, Margate
  • Loren Hiller | Commercial Manager at Marine Stewardship Council
  • CJ Jackson | The Seafood School at Billingsgate
  • Izumi Nakamura | Sushi Chef and Founder of 5incorporated
  • Khatiche Larcombe | Fishmonger & Shucker, Sista Shuck
  • Mircel McSween | Head Chef, Ventures in Food
  • Chef Lauren Wilmott | Masterchef The Professionals Semi-Finalist

More speakers to be announced.

A special thanks to our sponsors: The Mark Leonard Trust

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May 23, 2024 11:30 AM


Mission Kitchen

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