Expert 1-2-1: Brand Storytelling

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This 1-2-1 is hosted by DanNash, founder of SixEight,a brand storytelling agency. He uses his Cult Brand System to help disruptive F&B brands like Chick ‘n’ Sours, Flat Iron and Whitebox Cocktails stand out from the rest and turn customersinto a cult following.

The system is a unique combination of brand strategy and story-driven marketing that gets results just by being you.

His mission is to help brand spositively impact more people whilst scaling sustainably. He’s also a surprisingly good Sichuan cook.

Here are the ways Dan can help you over a session. Have a think beforehand which would be most helpful foryou:

1.    Top 5 stories - Go through your top stories and messages to pick out the top 5 you need to repeat above therest.

2.    Stand out statement - Distil the ways you stand out from the rest into a clear positioning statement that grabsbuyers & customers.

3.    Stand out social - what are the things you can talk about on social to stand out to new customers and turn theminto superfans for life?

4.    Brand strategy basics - go through the fundamentals of what makes a great brand to see where the gaps areyou need to fill.

5.    Customer deep dive - go through every stage of your customer journey from discovery to purchase to see whereimprovements can be made. 

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March 13, 2024 11:00 AM


Mission Kitchen

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