shared workspace for food makers

OPening in london soon


Mission Kitchen is a shared workspace for food makers.

In London, hundreds of talented cooks and small food businesses need somewhere to call home. Mission Kitchen offers them:

  • Affordable and flexible access to proper kitchens and professional equipment.
  • Membership in a community of inspiring food entrepreneurs.
  • Training, mentorship and expert advice.
  • Support and services to help businesses start and grow.

Our first site will be opening in 2017 in South London.

More people than ever care about cooking, eating and buying good food. Across the country, customers are seeking out artisan producers, unique flavours and food made by passionate cooks with a personal touch.

This has created an opportunity for talented cooks to turn their passion for food into a succesful businesses.

Now, hundreds of new food businesses are setting up every year, from street food traders and bakers, to chocolatiers and catering companies.

This is the independent food revolution...

People think of technology entrepreneurs as the driving force of the UK’s start up scene, but in fact it’s the foodie start ups who are bringing home the bacon.
— James Pattison, CEO of Startup Direct

Starting a food business in London isn't easy. You need kitchen space, professional equipment, hygiene and safety certification, any number of connections and lots of advice and guidance. 

Many people don't have access to the finance, knowledge and support that they need to get started. Equipment is expensive, the rules and regulations are confusing, professional kitchens are hard to find and too expensive for most people to access in the early stages.

This means lots of talented cooks with great ideas are struggling to build the businesses they want.

BUT Starting a food business isn't a piece of cake...

Kitchen Space in London for Food Startups

SO WE'rE ON A MISSION to make building a food business simpler, more affordable and more fun.

We're building shared workspaces for communities of food makers. With amazing kitchens at their heart, they will offer space, equipment, knowledge and networks that can help anyone create a successful business.

The key ingredients of membership...

Professional kitchen space and catering equipment for food startups.

professional SPACE & equipment

By sharing a kitchen amongst our members, we give early stage food businesses affordable access to high quality production space, cooking equipment and storage. Then, for when you're out of the kitchen, membership includes desk based workspace too.

A community of food startups in a shared workspace for food businesses in London

collaborative COMMUNITY

Mission Kitchen brings a community of like-minded food businesses together under one roof. Play, learn and work together with some of London's most exciting food start-ups. Enjoy regular events, workshops and amazing meals with your new partners. 

Training and advice for food entrepreneurs on how to start a food business and how to grow and food business

advice, support & mentorship

Food businesses need more than just space to succeed. We help our members navigate the complicated world of food enterprise, with training, guidance and peer-to-peer learning. Get introduced to both suppliers and customers and benefit from group discounts and services.


We want to help build a strong and diverse independent food economy, by providing the space and support that people need to learn more about food, develop new skills, and start and grow their own successful food businesses. 

Great independent food businesses can offer new opportunities to people from all walks of life, and improve the lives of their owners, employees and the communities around them.

With the right support, they can make entrepreneurship more accessible, support local economies and bring communities closer together.

because food matters...