Our Mission

Making it possible for anyone to turn a love of food into a great business.

Making it possible for anyone to turn a love of food into a great business.

Food offers people from every walk of life the chance to start a business, love their work, fulfil their potential, and change the world around them for the better.

Young, ambitious and independent food makers are leading the way in making our food tastier, healthier and better for the planet.

So we're here to support the small guys with the big ideas. All our projects are designed to make building a food business simpler, less risky and more fun.

Making food fairer

  • We prioritise applications from business owners and learners from under-represented groups.

  • We are introducing discounts for entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds who otherwise might not be able to pay for membership.

  • We provide training and mentorship to help people develop the skills they need to start a business.

  • We ask all our members to make a commitment to pay their staff fairly.

Making food better for the planet.

  • We prioritise applications from members and learners who demonstrate sustainable practices in their business or idea.

  • We ask every member to make a commitment to improve their environmental impact over time.

  • We work hard to run our kitchens as sustainably as possible, minimising waste and using renewable energy wherever possible.

  • We help our members source ingredients from sustainable and ethical suppliers.

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