About us

The idea for Mission Kitchen was born two years ago, after we decided to set up our own food business, and discovered all the obstacles food start-ups face first hand.

We saw how hard it was for early stage food businesses to get their hands on kitchen space, equipment, certifications and support they badly needed. But  it seemed like there was a simple solution.

The four of us are true food lovers with plenty of experience of setting up and running shared workspaces in other industries. So we've seen how bringing entrepreneurs together to share space and resources can make amazing things happen. In fact, we're amazed that no one has applied the same thinking to the food start-up scene in London already.

We think there's something a bit special about food. It's a central part of all our lives, and it has the power to connect us across communities, cultures and languages. We think the opportunity to turn a love of food into a sustainable business should be available to everyone. That's what we hope Mission Kitchen can achieve.


The people behind Mission Kitchen are Charlie Gent, Chris Lumsden, Paul Smyth and Andy Merritt. Our shared experience includes creating and running some of London's most exciting workspace projects, managing successful bars and restaurants, designing and creating spaces for artistic, social and environmental projects, and working with hundreds of start-ups in the food industry and beyond.